Eustatia Island is a model of self-sustainability and environmental stewardship. We have carefully engineered a system for delivering reliable power, water and communications using renewable resources and emphasizing silent operation. While staying on the island, guests will be amazed at how efficient and simple the systems are, and kids will love learning about sustainability.

All of our land vehicles are electric powered and have their own solar panels mounted as roof top for charging. This helps keep the island quiet and fume free.

Eustatia extends its sustainability practices beyond utility systems and vehicles, and into organic agriculture with a long-term effort to restore the native landscape of the island. We strive for drought tolerance, biodiversity and a balanced ecology, and we celebrate the produce we grow on-island.

We also strive to be responsible consumers, and limit the use of strong chemical cleaning products and pest control methods.


Harnessing the bright Caribbean sun, Eustatia is 100 percent solar-powered. As an off-grid island we rely entirely on this unlimited renewable resource. Throughout Eustatia, there are 400 state-of-the-art solar panels generating 93 kW of power, which is stored in a state-of-the-art 400 kWh battery system. In case of a long stretch of cloudy days, Eustatia has two of the cleanest and quietest generators available.


As the tropical rain falls on Eustatia’s rooftops, it is immediately captured in waiting sealed cisterns below. Eustatia also runs a reverse-osmosis desalination fresh watermaker, which can generate 10,000 gallons of fresh, clean water per day and is powered by the solar energy generated on island. The island can store approximately 150,000 gallons of collected and filtered water. Each building features multi-stage filtration and sanitation systems to ensure it is always clean and tastes great. In fact, it is literally the cleanest water you will find in the world!

Plastic water bottles have no place on the island. Eustatia provides personal, insulated water bottles, which keep water cold and clean for guests to stay hydrated while they play.

Waste Management

Eustatia’s sustainability philosophy also extends into responsible waste management. By composting food and landscape waste, Eustatia Island greatly reduces its impact on Caribbean-area landfills. The naturally chemical-free fertilizer goes right back into the soil to nourish plants and trees as well as the island’s growing gardens of fruits and vegetables. Easy-to-use composting bins are available in each kitchen and throughout the island.


In addition to reducing and reusing, Eustatia Island has been an early adopter and supporter in local recycling efforts. All plastics, aluminum, glass, paper and cardboard used on the island are collected for processing.

Bugout Mosquito Prevention

Mosquitos can be a severe nuisance and also pose the very real threat of spreading diseases, which is why Eustatia Island actively works with expert advisors from around the world to introduce safe and effective control of mosquitos both on-island and also in the Virgin Gorda community. We have currently reduced mosquito populations on Eustatia Island by an estimated 95%!