If you don’t find what you’re looking for in Eustatia’s surf shop, then you’ll probably have to build it yourself. Watersports Director Charlie Smith has curated a selection of the best and most innovative watersports equipment available to cater to all levels of students.

Eustatia Island Watersports and Marine Operations is a cut above, including expert instructors with decades of experience teaching on the most modern equipment available. This ensures our guests have the most fun possible in a safe, secluded environment away from the crowds.


Eustatia’s flagship sport, the island offers an array of first-class kiting equipment to cover your every need at any experience level. Our inventory includes over 80 state-of-the-art beginner, freeride and high performance kites from Cabrinha, Ozone, Airush and Flysurfer.


Kite and Foil Boards

We feature over 50 kite boards including twin tips of all sizes, surf/directionals, race boards and high performance foil boards. Safety is always the priority with PFDs, impact vests and helmets, and we also bring in the technology with personal GPS trackers to track routes, speed and even jump heights.

Hobie Cats

Fun for everyone in any weather, our fleet of four Hobie Cat Getaways are perfect for all ages and allow our guests to explore the surrounding islands and bars.

Flying Phantom

If you’re looking for a high octane sailing experience, check out our foiling catamarans. The 2-person Flying Phantom is a new generation of foiling catamarans and delivers amazing performance and speed.


Our first foiling catamaran, the single handed foiling A-Cat is one of the latest in ultimate performance sailing designs. Experience sailing in a whole new way!


A selection of one, two person and see-through kayaks are perfect for exploring the islands’ surrounding waters. Eustatia even has a solar-powered, see-through kayak for exploring the neighboring reefs just like your own personal aquarium.

Stand Up Paddle and Surf Boards

Eustatia has over 30 SUPs and a dozen surf shapes keeping you “on-board” in waves or flat water. Our SUP fleet includes high-volume beginner and yoga inflatables, open water and flat water Bark/JP race boards, surf specific designs, hybrid Windsurf SUPs and even an eight-person Mistral Giant SUP. We love to organize group down-wind paddles, night time paddles and other adventures for even more unique experiences.