Discover the picturesque coastlines of the surrounding islands and take a peek at the water below with our see-through kayak for a full underwater viewing experience. Our see-through kayak is made entirely of clear plastic and since it’s powered by silent paddle power, you can watch the sea life unaware in their natural setting. Traditional single and double kayaks are available as well.


For a unique combination of balance, strength and endurance on the water why not give Stand Up Paddling a try? SUP is a great way to experience a new perspective of the land and sea as you stand at sea level. Eustatia features a huge range of boards for all ages and sizes. SUP is such a versatile sport—go flat water cruising, get fit with longer touring, paddle into waves or go on open water downwinders.


Eustatia is perhaps the only private location worldwide where guests can enjoy SUP Polo. This exciting new team sport is a cross between SUP, Lacrosse and Rugby! Great fun for lightwind days and a serious workout.