Eustatia Island boasts one of the most impressive fleet of boats in the British Virgin Islands— designed for unique style and high speed. Eustatia guests play and travel in style.

The Catalyst

There are only 5 of these truly unique watercrafts in the world.   As the mothership of our fleet, the Catalyst is a custom, high-speed catamaran based on the latest America’s Cup support boat designs, which is capable of moving up to 22 people and a lot of equipment safely and comfortably in any weather. It was custom designed for the island and has board racks on the cabin roof and a forward hold, which can accommodate all the boards, kites, bikes and luggage you need.  This boat is particularly good for surfing, snorkelling, island hopping and airport transfers.  It has an amazing sound system and underwater lights, and even a coffee machine on board so you have everything you need and more.  We can even stay out all night safely thanks to the nocturnal navigation system equipped with thermal imaging.

The Freeman

Boasting quad 300hp outboard motors and utilizing state-of-the-art vented hull technology, the Freeman 37 is the fastest boat in our fleet, capable of speeds in excess of 60 knots/70mph! It is a spacious ride, with seating for up to 12 people and tons of gear, which is great for off-island excursions. Also, the double sun bed up front is perfect for relaxing as you travel in style, and it features insulated compartments so your drinks stay cold in the BVI sun!  This boat has the best sea keeping of all our boats enabling high speeds whatever the weather.

Mastercraft X30

To master your board skills, our 23-foot Mastercraft X30 is ready to go. Designed with massive ballast tanks and specialized trim tabs, your watersports coach can completely customize the size and shape of the wake. This luxury wakesurf boat can have you go for big air on a wakeboard, carve smoothly on a slalom ski, or even wakesurf a curling wave big enough to hold you without a rope.  The boat is also well equipped with kids equipment including kids skis, trainer skis and inflatable towing. The Mastercraft also has a comfortable lounge layout so that you can bring your friends along to watch you show off!

Amphibious Iguana

The world’s first luxury amphibious boat and this one was uniquely designed for the island’s innovative needs.   It is the first amphibious boat in the world with electric powered tracks which fold down from the boat’s carbon fiber hull and allow the Iguana to crawl over rocks, mud and sand.  If you can walk through it, so can the Iguana! It is a great boat for snorkelling trips, and great for the less able due to easy access from land and no docks needed!  This unique and spectacular boat gets you around the islands but also climbs on top of the them too!

The Hysucat is designed with modified hydrofoils mounted underwater to help give it a minimal wake and maximum speed. This boat is our primary kite support vessel for short to medium range coaching sessions and also is a great way to buzz out to nearby snorkel spots…or shops at the local resorts.

The 35 foot Protector is a solid vessel with twin 300 Yamaha engines for when the seas or the skies are rougher than usual.  This design was originally used by the New Zealand Coast Guard so safety and reliability are top notch.  There is lots of space, including a cabin with seating and a good size covered console. We use the Protector for off-island excursions, snorkeling trips, and island cruises.